Workplace Hacks For Productivity Gains


Working in the software industry, in spite of the changing trends tends to get monotonous. This often causes boredom, sleep-inducing bouts and ultimately reduces the productivity of the employees. Thus it was only fitting to organize a talk on workplace hacks for productivity gains. The session was delivered by one of the Ninestack employees. The talk was divided into seven major hacks with insight and discussions on each of them.  

What Hacks You Ask?

The first one being, starting your day fresh with the most difficult task or the ones that arouse the least interest. Workplace Hacks For Productivity Gains As much as employers would love to see their employees work like machines, working for long stretches without breaks, albeit seeming very productive on the surface would ultimately lead employees to lose interest after the very first hour. What would be advisable is to have a timed discipline in place to govern the duration of work and break. Furthermore, following the Pomodoro Technique and using a timer induces a sense of urgency and ergo, cuts down on procrastination. Multitasking superficially seems like getting a lot of things done simultaneously or parallelly instead of slogging on each task sequentially. However, studies suggest that multitasking breaks the flow of work, allows for procrastinating under the guise of another simultaneous task, reduces focus and ultimately decreases productivity by 40%. Considering how beneficial breaks are, it was only natural that we looked into the longer breaks we take or simply put, sleep. Sleep is quintessential for human survival but it is of even greater importance when it comes to productivity. As much as workaholics love overdosing on caffeine and working as night owls, compromising their sleep, studies suggest that productivity drops steeply after 40 hours and is practically nonexistent after 48 hours. Thus guidelines to regulate the same were also suggested such as caffeine intake only in the morning, clean diet, and no cellphones while going to bed. Workplace Hacks For Productivity Gains  

Some More Hacks

Ultimately, a work-life balance needs to be maintained while also prioritizing work, having a flexible work schedule, taking time-offs and most importantly partaking in team activities. Staying relevant in a constantly changing industry is a must, so it might just be a great idea to update one’s technical skills by watching tutorials, learning new programming languages and getting a mentor to keep you going. Keeping your phone out of sight, turning off unnecessary notifications, using automated replies for emails and wearing headphones to avoid chatty co-workers were also recommended.  

Post Talk Discussions

Post talk, the employees actively participated in a discussion where they added to what was spoken of, mentioned what they found most significant and shred insights from personal experience. All those who spoke (and eventually all those who didn’t as well), were given chocolates because who doesn’t love having a good reward system in place?  

And Then The Usual Shenanigans!

The discussion was followed by a simple game of word chain, wherein a person starts a chain by saying a word and the next person has to say another that is related to the aforementioned word. The chain is broken when a person says a word that is a proper noun, or a word that has already been said or most significantly if the word said starts with the letter S, T or R. Quite naturally, the game is called STR. Ultimately the game ended without a clear winner but we’d like to believe the real trophy was the bonding experience and the knowledge we got to take home.  

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