Training the Trainers at Bootcamp


Who dares to teach must never cease to learn. -John Cotton Dana

At Bootcamp, our motto is life-long learning and we believe that skills take precedence over knowledge in today’s world. With this end goal in mind, we regularly organise a wide range of professional development courses taught by industry experts with the objective of giving our students real-time knowledge and hands-on experience through practical training.

But it isn’t just students we train; we also train our trainers.

Why do you ask? Well, at Bootcamp, we know that the success of our courses is highly dependent on the teaching skills of the trainers; and we acknowledge the fact that while industry experts may be masters of their respective fields, knowing how to train others doesn’t necessarily come as a part of that expertise.

In order to address this potential gap, we organised a special training session called “Train the Trainers” in association with Nordic Intent earlier this month. The session, which was conducted by Shwetha Pinto, the VP for Human Resources, shed light on the importance of being a trainer and not just a teacher.


She brought to our trainers’ attention how the traditional notion of a teacher differs from that of the contemporary trainer. A trainer, for one, does not just impart information and theoretical knowledge but helps students develop their practical and real-time knowledge as per industry trends.

Furthermore, while the ‘teacher’ used to be the “possessor and giver of knowledge”, this idea is defunct in today's world that values skills over theoretical knowledge alone. Students are, today, at the centre of learning and a trainer must guide and facilitate the learning process. 

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