Software Development: Hottest Jobs of the 21st Century


The web is everywhere - from your favorite handheld device to your future cars and homes. The web is changing the future at a pace no one ever thought it would. It’s shaping the future of various landscapes - healthcare government, financial, education and the list goes on. With so many companies depending on their web presence these days, the web designers, developers, and web managers are in high demand. Web development is a trend that is unlikely to change anytime soon.

The IT industry Boom

As such, the information technology industry is attracting a growing number of software professionals.   According to reliable statistics- in India, a software developer’s role has the highest job demand accounting to 9.74%. This is  followed by sales profile at 8.17% and customer service roles at 6.53%. So, whether you are just starting your professional life or embarking on a new chapter, career prospects are endless in the software industry - Front-End Developer, Web App Developer, Web Designer, Full stack, just to name a few. These are the hottest jobs around the globe. We have the best IT courses at Bootcamp, that offer you the much needed training and help you develop the required skills. You will get hands-on experience on simple and fun projects, so that you actually learn how to code.   Staying on top of the curve in a fast moving web world,  is of utmost importance. This means that you should never stop learning.   We at Bootcamp help do just that.

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