Reasons to Learn Animation


For interactive designers, animation design is an increasingly crucial skill. Not all graphic designers want to be animators. But if you think you have the anime bug biting you hard, here’s why you should take up a course in animation.

1.Animation is an uncommon skill.

Designers who know how to animate graphics are in high demand. As stated at the onset not all designers can be animators. Companies and clients that hire designers look for designers who can seamlessly animate a logo for an advertisement, or create a quick 15 seconds catchy video or maybe a create a short movie! No matter what, if you intent to get-going in the animation direction, you are sure to expand your portfolio and job prospects.  

2. Every industry needs one

Animation is an integral part of every industry - especially the entertainment, advertising and the IT industry - The use of animation and special effects is increasing in the digital marketing world (which is a part of the advertising industry) and only well trained animators have the knack and the clean finishing skills to stun the audience with attractive commercials. A beautifully done piece of animation will definitely attract millions of viewers to your work over the web. Animation designers never run out of opportunities when it comes to job prospects, because almost every industry needs one. Thinking of taking up a course in animation? Bootcamp is the right place for you! P.S - Animation design is a great resume bullet ;)

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