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In today’s modern world with its advancing technologies, finding a job is of utmost importance. The problem is, when students graduate from university, while they may have studied specialized subjects, they still lack the work experience that is deemed necessary in order to secure a job anywhere.

Therefore, when there are placement opportunities at the university level, you’ll often find a lot of students signing up for these. There are also employment agencies as well as training institutes that may offer to set students up with job placements.

Like Bootcamp Goa, for example. A training institute in Porvorim, we have a number of IT courses that are designed to help students learn new skills or sharpen existing ones and land placement opportunities in companies across Goa.

What we do at Bootcamp Goa is offer courses in web development, mobile application development, graphic design, digital marketing, UI/ UX design, and animation. We take in students that want to learn something new or just brush up on the knowledge they might already have on these topics. Interspersed with these courses, our mentors also offer additional insights on setting goals, grooming and other topics related to helping them when the time comes for placements to happen.

Internships are another opportunity that Bootcamp Goa tries to help eager students with. With an internship that lasts six months, students get to experience what it’s like to work in a real job. An internship usually has two phases. In the first month, students get a brush up on whatever knowledge they already have. Following this, the remaining months are utilized for on-the-job training.

We’ve had a lot of success stories in Bootcamp with some of our students finding placements in some of the most well-known IT firms in Goa. Two students who studied at Bootcamp wanted to share their experiences.

“I joined Bootcamp for its Digital Marketing course. It was a learning experience for me as studying for my degree did not provide any practical know-how. Bootcamp helped me understand the concept and furnished me with practical knowledge. I completed my course in digital marketing and through them, I was interviewed by Leigia Solutions. This course prepared me for my current job. Thank you Bootcamp, for making me industry-ready and offering me a great opportunity to succeed in my career.”

- Shama Sinari, Digital Marketing student

“I would like to thank Bootcamp Goa for enhancing my skills and making me a job ready professional. It was a wonderful learning experience with professional and friendly trainers. I have finally started a career in graphic design. Thank you, Bootcamp!”

- Navin Borkar, Graphic Design student

So if you too would like to learn something new or just get a refresher in any of the mentioned courses, check out Bootcamp Goa or call on 9920853511 for details. Remember, you could just land yourself an internship or a placement with some of Goa’s top IT companies!

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