5 Free Android Apps For Designers


It is but the artistic type’s lot in life to never know when inspiration might strike. And when it does strike, you might not always have your notepad, laptop, tablet or desktop handy. But phones? They’re never far behind. The next time you have the itch to put pencil to paper, direct your fingers to your phone screen and design away. Here’s a round up of some of the free designing apps Android users can opt for.  

1) Infinite Design

This is a vector graphics app that lets you design on your phone and tablet. The app gives you an infinite canvas, infinite layers, infinite undo and redo. It also has layer options like split and merge,  along with a path editing and pen tool. The free version lets you save your images as a JPEG while the full, paid version (approximately Rs. 293/-) is ads free and lets you save images in SVD, PNG and PSD format.  

2) SwatchMatic

Not only does it tell you the name of any colour you point at, but also lets you generate a swatch palette based on the photograph of an object that you’ve clicked. This is a swatch book you can carry with you 24x7.  

3) MediBang Paint

Especially useful for comic or sketchbook artists, this surprisingly sleek and lightweight app comes with 60 free brushes, free comic book fonts, pre-designed backgrounds, tones and textures. MediBang’s group feature also allows you to collaborate with other users no matter the distance.  

4) Fontly

If it’s fonts you want it’s fonts you’ll get. See a quirky font on a billboard that you’d like to use later? Fontly allows you to do just that.  

5) Sketchbook

Boasting of a thoroughly natural drawing experience, Sketchbook comes with 170 customizable brushes that can incorporate textures and shapes, predictive stroke and PSD layers. This is one app that comes close to capturing the traditional pencil on paper drawing experience.   Now that you have all the tools on hand to start designing, this handy list of apps is all it takes to be a good designer before you begin!  https://www.bootcampgoa.com/great-designer-skills/

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