Designer challenges self to create typographic design logos, amazing results follow!


Although it's tough to create an effective and memorable logo, sometimes type is all you need to create an eye-catching design.

Some of the famous and brilliant logo designs come from the bare essentials. They are ones with no fancy artwork, just plain beautifully thought-out design, or an imaginative use of letters.

This is exactly what Daniel Carlmatz, a graphic designer based in Stockholm did. He undertook a 365-day typographic challenge. The challenge was to create one new typographic logo on common words or words we use on a day-to-day basis. The results? Brilliant!

Scroll through and take a look, and you would surely emerge freshly inspired and challenged to look at typography in a new way. Maybe you can challenge yourself too.   However, if you are a not a designer, you can still view these cool logos and try to find the hidden symbols and be amazed by the level of creativity.  

Let’s get scrolling...


According to Daniel, the objective was to visualize the meaning of the words by using symbolism, negative space, or by adding geometric elements to the letters. To view more of his artwork from the 365-day typographic challenge, visit the information source link cited below.

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