Web Development


Course Features

  • Starts Second week of every month
  • Duration 1 month
  • Class Duration 10am to 5pm

What is Covered?

Wordpress is one of the most popular Open Source CMS (Content Management Systems) tool available for building websites. It is completely customisable, with thousand of out-of-the-box templates and plugins to reduce development time and costs. This one month course teaches the fundamentals of how to build and maintain a Wordpress site with an introduction to HTML, CSS, jQuery, MySQL and PHP.

Topics Covered

1. WordPress Core
2. Custom Themes
3. Introductions to PHP, HTML, CSS, jQuery and MySQL
4. Plugins and Integrations



At the end of this course you will be able to build a WordPress site using templates and themes, customise those themes and will have a basic understanding of coding languages and how they are used. Use these new skills to build your own website, or start a career as a developer.