Photography and Videography


Course Features

  • Starts To Be Announced
  • Duration 1 or 3 week courses
  • Class Duration 10am to 5pm

Course Overview

Love photography and want to develop your skills? Turn your hobby into a profession with this course that is divided into four parts: Introduction to Photography, Birding & Basic Editing, Wedding Photography & Advanced Photogrpahy, and Fashion Photography & Advanced Editing. The Photography Course even includes a bird watching trip to help you learn how to capture the right moment, in the right way.

Topics Covered

Part 1 ( 3 Day Workshop )
1. Introduction to Photography
2. The History of Photography
3. Understanding DSLR and TLR Cameras
4. Type of Photography (Street, Portrait, Wildlife, Landscape, Events)
5. Element & Rules of Composition and Colour
6. The Exposure Triangle

Part 2 – Birding & Basic Editing
Part 3 – Fashion Photography & Advanced Editing
Part 4 – Wedding & Advanced Photography



In just 5 days you will understand the basic fundamentals of photography and editing, subject composition, exposure, colour and the workings of modern day cameras, plus various types of photography so you can decide a specialisation. Hone your skills as a photographer, whether you’re a budding Instagrammer or considering photography as a profession.