Bootcamp turns 2, celebration time!


As Bootcamp recently turned two, the mentors who’ve been a part of its journey all along had a little celebration. Being huge movie fans, they were treated to a screening of the movie ‘The Nun’ at Inox, Porvorim. 15 of the mentors went for the movie which by their review didn’t really live up to the hype, since it was less horror and more comedy.


A training programme for students that began in September, 2016, Bootcamp was initially a free course, where the trainees would be taken into the company at the end of the programme. Bootcamp stands out from other such training programmes; in that, it gives firsthand experience to its students by giving them the chance to work on projects for actual clients. Aside from giving these students internship opportunities, Bootcamp also assists in placing them in other companies and this is where the practical training proves valuable.


The students and mentors alike only have rave reviews to share about Bootcamp. Here’s what some of the students had to say:

“It’s a good place to learn new things and stay updated with recent technologies. The instructors are friendly and help you learn at a fast pace.”

- Melwyn Fernandes


“It was a great learning experience. The course matter was taught in a simplified way, which helped in better understanding. The projects which were given helped in gaining hands-on knowledge of the subject. Overall a great experience, I would highly recommend it.”

- Evan Mendes


The mentors too, have had an equally nice experience teaching, and their reviews are proof of that:

“It was a thoroughly new experience for me, teaching new and enthusiastic students every month. I was just sharing my knowledge and learning from the students at the same time, since IT field is vast and things are changing everyday. I believe that teaching is the best way to learn something and master it.”

-Ui/Ux Developer, mentor


“I believe successful knowledge transfer involves neither computers nor documents but rather interactions between people. As a developer, I feel when you teach freshers, it polishes your basics as well as your specialized skills.”

- iOS Developer, mentor

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