Bootcamp Goa teaches the latest in Android app development


Everyone owns a smartphone or a tablet today, whether it’s powered by an Android or an Apple operating system. The technology used to build them also changes every day and developers have to constantly stay updated with new developments. It’s important for them to do so as this technology powers most applications and gadgets available to the public. It's not difficult to find Android development courses as there are a number of such courses that can be availed over the Internet. However, for anyone looking to learn firsthand, Bootcamp Goa, Nordic Intent’s training institute also offers a course on Android app development. Bootcamp Goa is one of the premier training institutes in Goa offering a number of courses in topics like Graphic design, Animation, Web development, to name a few. Their Android app development course in Goa takes a look at the below elements among others, in detail.

Constraint Layout

Constraint Layout allows you to create large and complex layouts using a drag and drop option without any reason to change the code. This makes it more flexible and a lot easier to use with Android Studio's Layout Editor.


The RecyclerView is a widget which is an advanced and flexible version of ListView. It comes with a lot of easy and ready to use codes which helps make customization much simpler. This is a big development in Android app development considering that the ListView is one of the most used UI widgets on the platform.


Retrofit is a type-safe HTTP client for Android and Java. This is an easy-to-use library which allows the system to make calls to the server for data in a hassle-free process using just a few lines of code. This is also one of the most popular and often-recommended HTTP libraries available for Android.

JSON/ Gson parsing

Gson (also known as Google Gson) is an open-source Java library to serialize and deserialize Java objects to (and from) JSON. It allows the system to easily translate API call data into a much simpler format. Gson can be used to convert Java Objects into their JSON representation. It can also be used to convert a JSON string to an equivalent Java object.

Picasso and Glide

This is just one line of code that is used to download, cache and display. It is an Image Loading Library, which is recommended by Google for Android app development. It has been used in many Google open source projects including the Google I/O 2014 official application.

Room Database

Room is a Persistence storage media which serves as a database. This is a direct replacement for the more trivial SQLite Database. It has a much more robust database access which assists in harnessing the full power of SQLite. By using it, the system can create a cache of an app's data on a device. While all these terms are quite technical, the simplest way to learn about them in detail would be to sign up for the Android app development course at Bootcamp Goa. Call on 9920853511 or visit the website for more details.

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