5 Things You Will Learn From Your First Job


There’s always a certain kind of high you get when you try something for the first time. As we grow older, the experiences catch up with us. One of the most exciting one, or so for some of us, is our first job experience. We yearn for the feeling of what it’s like to earn our own money, a feeling of wanting to know what it’s like to buy something from the money we worked hard for. It’s a feeling you can’t compare with anything else!  We all must be well-versed with the common things people say to you about work life. ‘You need to be on time’, ‘You need to pay attention’, ‘You need to dress appropriately’ and as much as all of that is true, it somehow doesn’t share everything we need to know as first-timers at work.  Things You Will Learn From Your First Job A few things you need to learn, being a first-timer at work


A simple smile can go a long way. No matter what happens in your personal life, you have to be careful not to give off a discouraging vibe. The reason this won’t be so hard is that work has this kind of energy that pulls you away from mental distraction. It makes you look at life from a whole new perspective. You will discover that sooner, if not later.   

Think twice

Now we know they say if you need to know anything or you don’t know something, then you can feel free to ask. But this advantage should not be used irrationally. We tend to assume we can just ask questions anytime, whenever we feel like because we’re newbies. But not only does this show a lesser image of ourselves, but can also be a little annoying to our colleagues or employee. You should ask, yes. Ask when you really need to. If it’s something you think you can figure out the answer to, but not sure if that’s the right step, then the least you can do is find a solution and ask for suggestions. This shows that you are smart.    


Now, believe it or not, observation can take you a long way. It can also be a tool that prevents you from asking silly questions (not always, though; you still need to ask when you need to). But just observing how people work around you, how people interact with clients, their gestures, all these things will not only help you in your work life but will teach you some life etiquettes too. 

Gossip less, work more

There’s always an excitement when it comes to meeting new people. We understand now that our friend circle will expand. This calls for interaction and sometimes too much of it can turn to gossip. This can create a problem between colleagues and can become hard for cooperation. In any company, be it whatever profile you have; there is a need for cooperation. We don’t want that getting affected because we were talking about person A to person B and vice-versa. Any type of gossiping actually can affect us, even if it’s not something related to any of our colleagues. Gossiping can be one of the biggest distractions and in turn, cause our fallback at work. 

Understand your reporting manager 

This is always scary the first time. The thing is we tend to get afraid of our superiors because we’re afraid of getting it wrong or doing something at the company’s expense. Sometimes we may find our reporting manager’s to be a little too strict and may think he or she is being too hard on us. But we shouldn’t base our feelings of whether or not to work with the company on whether our reporting manager is strict or not. We shouldn’t hold ourselves back for fear of not getting any acknowledgement from our managers. Instead, we should listen to them and understand what they are trying to say. Sometimes they may come off as too rude but we shouldn’t scare away. Because it’s always people like these that build us in the end. We learn to deal with hard situations under pressure and it’s always a rewarding feeling.   There are a lot more things one can learn from first time experience at work but the few main ones have been highlighted. They are simple, nonetheless the most vital.   

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