5 Free iOS Apps For Designers


In our last post, we covered the five free android apps for designers, and so it’s only fair to do the same for iPhone users. Here are some of our favourite free iPhone design apps you must try.  


The ultimate digital swatch book that lets you match tints, shades and hues of a colour from photos, generate congruous colour palettes and then share them to designing softwares of your choice.

Adobe Comp CC

This software turns your rough hewn lines and shapes into clear and crisp graphics. Using natural drawing gestures, you can create the layouts of your choice. You can also make use of shapes, images, etc., from your Adobe Creative Cloud Libraries while also sending your design across to Photoshop, Illustrator and other Adobe design software.

Font Candy

Love fonts? Then you’ll definitely love Font Candy. Choose from a variety of fonts and create captions with them which you can then overlay onto your photos. It also comes with a built in camera with a timer which immediately lets you overlay fonts onto your pictures, while also letting you share them on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Instagram.


Why work on building vectors from scratch when you have Assembly? With Assembly, simply choose from a set of over 180 basic shapes that you can layer, stack and position to create your own designs. The latest version also lets you create and share stickers to use in iMessage.


Have an idea and need to put it down before you forget it? Sketches has got your back. With this app, you can sketch wherever and whenever you want. It comes with a set of handy features such as brushes, shapes, colors and other things.
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