5 design accounts that you need to follow


Arguably the most aesthetically inclined social media platform out there, it is no surprise that Instagram is replete with design and art accounts cropping up a dime a dozen. To help you narrow your search, we’ve made a list of some of our favourite design, art and illustration accounts on Instagram.

  1) Rachel Ryle: @rachelryle

An illustrator and an animator, Rachel has combined the two to create adorable short videos that all seem to tell a story. Boasting of several stop motion videos and a whole lot colour, Rachel’s Instagram account is an absolute treat for the eyes!

  2)Jamel Saliba: @melsysillustrations

After quitting her job in the mid-twenties, Jamel Saliba of @melsysillustrations full-time fashion illustrator, and a very successful one at that. Her sketches are extremely charming and often revolve around the themes of love, fashion and friendship, including sketches celebrating events and holidays.

  3)Luke Choice: @velvetspectrum

Luke Choice’s work covers graphic design, illustration, and typography. His Instagram account features a style that makes use of highly vivid and bright colours, and is somewhat psychedelic. A lot of his work features 3D animations and is nothing short of jaw dropping.

  4) Daniel Aristizábal: @darias88

Digital Artist Daniel Aristizábal's work is in one word, surreal. Quirky, fun and a whole lot of creativity, his Instagram account has common, everyday items transformed into vivid, colourful entities with personalities of their own.

  5) Riley Cran: @rileycran

All the font lovers out there; rise up! Riley a type designer, lettering artist and graphic designer. His page is home to some extremely interesting and useful information for all those counting typography as one of their hobbies.

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