Why You Should Learn .NET In 2019


Once every decade or so, programmers across the world are faced with a window of opportunity to adopt a new technology that completely changes the enterprise market.

What Is .NET Core?

Microsoft’s .NET Core is one such platform that reimagines their .NET framework as well as many of the technologies built upon it. Developed by keeping three focus areas in mind: Open-Source, Cross-Platform and simplification of code linking them together through a single shared code-base.


.Net Core is battle-tested on Windows, Linux and Mac.


.NET Core is faster than Java and up to 3 times faster than Go on AWS Lambda.

Absolute Transparency

This open-source software that allows transparency and engagement with customers in real-time that provides a reliable and agile response.

Better Support

C# and .NET have a strong ecosystem dating back 15 years and some of the best IDEs (Interactive Development Environments) including base class libraries that are well-supported by third-parties like JSON.NET.


C# and .NET are dexterous enough for any type of applications, including mobile apps running on Android and iOS, to web sites and services running in the cloud. Common Uses Of .NET Core
  • Video Game Development
  • Scientific Computation
  • Data Science
  • Web & Software Development

Ready To Learn .NET Core?

Whether you’re new to coding or a seasoned programmer, a graduate hoping to be invaluable to a future employer, or an old hat who’s looking to revisit and refresh your skill set, make C# and .NET your strength and you will be well equipped to take on the industry demands of the next 10 years. At Bootcamp, we offer an intensive 1-month course to learn .NET Core that will help you master the fundamental building blocks of web and software development. Sign up to be a part of our next batch today and win a 10% off. Hurry up! Offer lasts till 30th October 2019.

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