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quotes Had a great experience enhancing my skills as per the company standards.The Mentor had presented the session's in a very nice and easy to understand manner with lot of practical examples! Thanks to Nordic Intent for organizing Bootcamp!
Benson Da silva
Web Developer
quotes Bootcamp also gave me an environment to test my abilities and to enhance them.
had good times, made friends and learned a lot. Have a really good memories to treasure. thank you bootcamp
Sylvester D’Costa
Web Developer
quotes Bootcamp taught me what college didn't for 4 years. Through the guidance of our mentor I am what I am today, Now a confident web developer. Do not miss an opportunity like this! You will love every moment of this learning curve!
Web developer
quotes It was a good experience. It was possible to learn a lot of things within the duration of one month. Many important concepts are covered through the projects given. Good guidance and good working environment encourages you to learn more. Overall a good experience and quite different from what you might expect.
Rahul Gaonkar
quotes It was a good experience learning at bootcamp Goa. Self-learning helped a lot along with the guidance from the instructors. The projects provided helped me to cover up most of the portion related to the subject matter.
Alisha Manerkar
quotes It was a great learning experience.
The course matter was taught in a simplified way, which helped in better understanding.
The projects which were given helped in gaining hands-on knowledge of the subject.
Overall a great experience, I would highly recommend it.
Evan Mendes
quotes Boot-camp helped me understand web-development more effectively. The course covered a lot of information but in a way that was easy to absorb.
The mentors were calm and helped a lot.The course was both fun and challenging experience.
Neha Navelkar
quotes I have learned so much from this 1 month course . I would advise everyone to take it, even if they think they know it all. What a great teaching tool! I was able to refresh skills I needed to be reminded of
Vibhav pd
quotes Learning at Boootcamp was a great experience. It has a very good exposure for learning and self growth. The instructors are very supportive and help out in every tiny detail to be undertaken.
Deepti Banaulikar
quotes If you are a beginner in web development, this is the place to transform yourself into a good web developer. For the past 1 month of training, I have gained a lot of knowledge and now I am confident of doing any project!
Shubham Pokhare
quotes Bootcamp is a great environment to learn and improve your existing skills,In my opinion Bootcamp is really a must after exiting out of college as it gives you true industry grade experience before applying for your dream job.
Nathan Rodrigues
quotes Overall it is very nice experience to be part of bootcamp goa. This course (training) covered a lots of information, delivered in simple way that was easy to understand....
Gautami pangam


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